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As a fan, artist, or creator you are able to seamlessly have most of all your entertainment and production management all in one central location. MusixFlix includes entertainment such as Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, On-Demand Features, 25+ Radio Stations, 25+ TV Channels, Live Events and Ticketing, NFT Minting, Entertainment Marketing, NFT Marketplace, Music Distribution, plus so much more. You are not just using X-Social its your first level in accessing the MusixFlix Entertainment Platform.

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X-Social allows your to communicate with your friend like other platforms like Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snap Chat….etc… While also create a seamless bridge to MusixFlix platform to share or watch content. Using the MusixFlix platform cost starts @ $3.99 monthly.

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Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, News Blog, Radio Network, TV Network, Events, Ticketing, Private Messages, Public Post, NFT Marketplace, and Minting.  All members have the opportunity to earn Flix Coin crypto currency turn into real money on any crypto exchange..


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