On “Broadway Girls,” Lil Durk recruits Morgan Wallen on a song that sees the two artists singing about their regrettable experiences with women on Broadway, a strip in Nashville, Tennessee. The song also serves as the third single to 7220 and the first non-explicit song that Durk has ever released. The collaboration also comes as a surprise following Wallen’s use of the N-word in a recorded video from February of 2021. Morgan first previewed the song in October 2021, which suggests that it was originally his song. In its week of release, Morgan appeared on the podcast, Just Being ERNEST, where he revealed to podcast host ERNESTthat he had some “options” for collaborators on the song. Music video company Jerry Production, who frequently works with Durk, also revealed on the day of release that there would be an upcoming official music video for the song.

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