EXCLUSIVE: Vanity Rose Talks Group Dynamic, Dream Collaborations and More [Video]

EXCLUSIVE: Vanity Rose Talks Group Dynamic, Dream Collaborations and More [Video]


It looks like girl groups are making a comeback, and Vanity Rose is coming in HOT.

Comprised of Honey, Hazel, and Hennessy and managed by Record Executive Michael “Blue” Williams, their repertoire combines the vocal styles of R&B with modern-day rap and hip-hop. 

Vanity Rose is one of the few groups in music with three different personalities but comes together with their strong Harmonies. Since TLC, Vanity Rose is the only other music group that sings and raps.  

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, the Atlanta natives discussed their group dynamic, inspirations, and more.

How did the group get started?

[Honey]: “Well, I met these beautiful ladies in high school, and I didn’t even know they could sing. We were friends for a couple of years before I even knew. Their mother actually suggested we should be a group, and here we said, ‘sure, why not.’ We actually started this in 2015, so we’ve been going hard for a while.”

As a group, what do each of you bring to the table individually?

“Typically, I [Henny] am the one who will hear a melody and format the lyrics to it.” [Honey]: “Concepts are my thing. I’m good with coming up with those and assisting with wordplay. If it’s too much, I figure out how to simplify it.” [Hazel]: “I lay the tones, and the melody’s down.”

How did the name Vanity Rose come about?

[Hennessy]: “We initially went by “Vanity Three,” but it was too similar to a former group named Vanity six. Although they’re dope, we didn’t want people to think we were related, so we changed it to Vanity Rose when we got older. Vanity Rose has more meaning related to us. “Rose” means growing and changing daily, and the thorns represent us having our guard up due to some things that have happened to us in the industry… Music is taken from us and industry people being industry people, etc.” [Honey]: “And “Vanity” because we’re all beautiful black women.”

Why is bringing girl groups back important to you all, and what will set you all apart?

[Honey]: “I think the importance is because we have a point to prove as black women and as a group due to their stigma. We’ve been doing this since 2015, and we want to prove that it’s still possible. For being black women with “attitudes,” we get along very well. We work hard, and we make it happen, and we want to prove to anyone that it can be done. What would set us apart would be the fact that we’re versatile. We can do it all. Anything you put in front of us, if we can’t do it, we’ll figure it out. We’ll make it happen and make it sound good.”

What is the group’s niche?

[Hennessy]: “Our niche is that we can sing, and we can wrap. They can put a country song in front of us, and we’re gonna county TF put of the song. We’re versatile. We can do pretty much anything in the studio.”

Who is your dream collaboration?

[Hennessy]: “Nicki Minaj for sure.” [Hazel]: “Definitely, Chris Brown.” [Honey]: “Also Beyonce, Summer Walker, and Drake.”

What song has been the highlight of your career so far?

[Honey]: “Pay ’em.” It was our first ever rap song. We did the song, and it showed people that we could sing and rap. We started out singing, and we had a problem where we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do, so we decided to do both. This now opens up a bigger platform for us be/cause we can do rap and R&B shows. We can do it all.

What’s the most challenging thing about working in the entertainment industry?

[Hennessy]” “People probably say this all the time, but the most challenging thing is you really never know who’s really for you. And because of that, we had to learn how to separate business from our personal feelings. We’re really friendly and genuinely nice, and the industry is really cruel. People just want to make their money, and we get it. We’re learning. We’re learning what it is, so we don’t get so invested.”

Why is your dynamic like on stage?

[Hazel]: “Altogether, we’re lit, but I’m more aggressive.” [Honey]” “I’m sexier on stage. I’m the one who doesn’t mind making someone uncomfortable. I’ll look you right in your eyes and say the nastiest part of the song, and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all.” [Hennessy]: “I’m the real lit one that’s always doing too much. I’ll probably surf the crowd.”

The trio is ready to make their mark on the music industry and is not afraid to talk about anything from their struggles, including proving doubters wrong and going against the stigmas of being a girl group to more fun and explicit records. 

Vanity Rose shared the details on an upcoming single featuring Sucy Santana and I’m certain it’ll be a hit.

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