Who claims The Chronic?

Dr. Dre’s legal counselor says there’s been a misstep.

Howard King, who addresses the Good Dr. Dre, has gone for it to clear up some deception going through these computerized roads.

As of late, Snoop Dogg said in a meeting that he claims The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s introduction collection (which incorporated various visitors). Sneak’s aquisition of Death Row Records incorporated the original collection. He additionally said he purchased Doggystyle, Tha Doggfather, Murder Was the Case, Dogg Food and others like the Above The Rim soundtrack.

“There are misleading reports out in regards to possession by Death Row of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic,” Howard King told Complex in an explanation. “Dr. Dre possesses 100% of The Chronic.”

I wonder… I wonder… which is right. I need to say, attorneys will more often than not set the record absolutely straight.

Likewise, I am interested about who claims Death Row? I heard Harry O has some possession as well, as he was the first individual to bankroll the lable until Suge and David Kenner brought it when the head honcho went to prison.

Regardless, this is completely fine.