T.I. Responds To Godfrey Taking Issue With The Rapper Doing Stand-Up Comedy

The Hustle Gang leader feels like the veteran joke-teller was hating.

Comedian Godfrey and Hip Hop artist Tip “T.I.” Harris had words for each other in recent days. Apparently, the two entertainers shared a stage at a comedy club in Atlanta, but Godfrey was not a fan of the rap star closing out the night.

“As a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you,” said Godfrey on an episode of his In Godfrey We Trust podcast. He was referring to T.I. getting to perform the last set at the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

The 52-year-old Nebraska native added, “There’s a code in comedy that I follow. I’m not watching what you can’t do better than me. You’re not a comedian to me.”

T.I. got wind of what Godfrey had to say about him trying his hand at stand-up comedy. The self-declared King Of The South responded to Godfrey on his Instagram page.

“What God got for you is yours. Can’t nobody take that from you. Okay?” stated Tip. “All of a sudden because I’m now standing on a stage sharing my gifts with the world, utilizing the tools and the skills that I’m developing, you feel like that’s in your way some kind of way. And that’s more your problem than I could ever be.”

T.I. also called Godfrey a “legend” and a “GOAT” of comedy. The Hustle Gang leader went on to explain he got the gig that night with Godfrey because of a business relationship with the person who owns the building where the Atlanta Comedy Theater is located.

“I see [Godfrey] as a giant in the comedy s###. And what I saw in his [podcast] was – I saw a legend trying not to hate while hating. Like innuendos, little tidbits of hate here and there while surrounding it with some compliments to make it seem like you ain’t hating,” T.I. told his IG followers. “To be honest with you, to me, that made a giant look small in my eyes.”

Tip got some backing from another professional comedian. Chappelle’s Show cast member Donnell Rawlings commented on Instagram, “Welcome [to] the world of comedy son, people think it’s no room for anybody else, keep banging son.”


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