Say What! McDonald’s Sued For $900M By Company That Worked To Repair Ice Cream Machines




You can’t make this up! McDonald’s is notoriously known for its golden french fries and their tasty ice cream. However, most of the time, their machines are out of order. While the problem seems ongoing, customers aren’t the only ones upset at the international fast-food chain. According to The Hill, a Delaware-based company responsible for the device that repairs the ice-cream machines has filed legal action against the company on Tuesday. Kytch is suing for $900 million in a new lawsuit.

Kytch processed the paperwork for the lawsuit in a Delaware federal court for McDonald’s allegedly making derogatory remarks through false advertisement. A 133-page court filing breaks down Kytch’s claims. It states, “Kytch brings this action to set the record straight, to vindicate the company’s rights under civil law, to curb McDonald’s anti-competitive conduct, to recover compensatory and punitive damages.” It continues, “To protect the consuming public from false and misleading advertisements, and to finally fix McDonald’s broken soft-serve machines.” 

Kytch’s founders, Jeremy O’Sullivan and Melissa Nelson, attempted to resolve McDonald’s ice cream machines. Still, the company claims the ice cream machine’s makers, Taylor, have exclusive rights to repair the soft-serve machines. They claim this results in a “lucrative scheme” between the two companies. In addition, Kytch also claims Taylor allows its own devices to malfunction for profit. McDonald’s has denied the allegations and is prepared to defend itself in court. A spokesperson for the restaurant said, “McDonald’s owes it to our customers, crew, and franchisees to maintain our rigorous safety standards and work with fully vetted suppliers in that pursuit.” They added, “Kytch’s claims are meritless, and we’ll respond to the complaint accordingly.”

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