Rick Ross Says Hip Hop Has Embraced the LGBTQ Community [Video]

Rick Ross Says Hip Hop Has Embraced the LGBTQ Community [Video]

Rapper Rick Ross recently shared his opinion on Hip Hop and the LGBTQ community.

During an interview before the Florida rapper’s Jazz in the Gardens performance over the weekend, Funky Dineva asked him, “What is your take on gay rappers, like [Saucy] Santana perhaps, coming into the game?”

“I’m not familiar with the name Santana, but live your life, chase your dreams, and go hard, man. Go hard,” the 46-year-old answered.

“Do you think hip-hop will ever embrace the LGBT community fully?”—in which Ross responded, “I believe hip-hop has already embraced it. Without a doubt. Yeah.”

In 2018 Ross was slammed for his use of a homophobic slur in his feature on Meek Mill’s Championships album cut “What’s Free.”

Later in the conversation, Ross discussed rappers from Miami and if they receive the same support as artists in other cities. 

“I’ma be honest,” he said. “That’s nothing that I really want to lock into because I feel like Miami artists could be just as big as any artist in the world. What we gotta accept and realize is we so dope, we so unique, we do things that a lot of people take years to [do]. That vibe we have in Miami, in Carol City, in Liberty City, in Overtown, whatever it is, it’s such a unique vibe. It take others many, many years to catch on to, but once they do, it’s priceless.”

When asked what he’d like to see for a Florida theme Super Bowl Halftime Show, Rozay called on performances from Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, JT Money, Trina, and of course, himself.

“When I walk out, I come out in a helicopter and the confetti will fall with my face on it everywhere and everybody will be trying to catch it in the pocket and go home with it,” he added.

See full interview below:

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