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  • Proud To Announce That FINALLY 🤣😬 On April 28th I Have One Of My Favorite Texas Artist From The Legendary #SwishaHouse 🥶🔥🦍🤘Coming Through To Turn The Fuck Up With Me On PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 😂🎙️ Awww Shiieet SwishaHouse Yella Maaaan, I Don’t Think They Ready For This 🤌🤣🥴 But I Know One Thing, April Needs To Bring It’s Mf Ass On…Read More

  • Dont Forget Me & The Young Buck Himself 😂🥴 Saav Ldt Have Our Episode This Saturday @6pm PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️Live In The LDT Studios 🦍💪🔥 So Make Sure Y’all Stay Tuned In & We Definitely Appreciate All Our Supporters 💯🙏🏼💜 Flyer Coming Soon As Well…Read More

  • Got An Episode With My Big Brother Of Comedy Clifton Simmons Coming Through PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 😂🎙️Next Tuesday @ 8pm 🤣🥳🤸‍♀️💀 So Stay Tuned In & Come Laugh Ya Asses Off With Us, Flyer Coming Real Soon 🥰🦍🗣️

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ & Well You Asked Podcast Is In Full Effect This Year 🔥💯 Y’all Tap In & Get Your Tickets, You Don’t Wanna Miss This Event 🦍🥳💪 Grab Your Tickets Now !!

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  • A LaeLae Marie Productions Is Now Official, DBA Certified 🥳💯💪🦍 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Moving On Up 🙏🏼💜

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Tshirts Are Now Ready 🦍🦍🔥🤸‍♀️ #Gifted 🙏🏼🫡 Big Thank You To Elliott Ferguson For Putting These Dope Ass Shirts Together For Me 💯🎯💪 Tap In & Support Your Local Female Comedian 🥳🤣 To All My Supporters, Y’all Are Forever Greatly Appreciated…Read More

  • Skipp Holdn Ghettochild Wilson Papathaking Carmichael Jonesha Webster Clifton Simmons Alvin Perry “JOKES ON ME” Comedy Event 🤣🤣🤣🥶🔥🎙️🦍 Definitely Had A Blast & Appreciate Everyone Who Came To Support Us All 💯🙏🏼💜 A Night To Remember…Read More

  • Rafael Torres Saav Ldt #KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ #LDTStudios 💯💨

  • To Everyone Who Supports, Loves & Has Helped Me Grow On My Journey Of Being A Female Comedian, I Just Want You To Know That I Fully From The Bottom Of My Heart Appreciate Y’all 🙏🏼💯🦍💜 To Have Such Opportunities To Make People Laugh Is What I Love To Do 🥰😁 & To Everyone Who Rocks With Me Come Check Me Out At My Up Coming Stand Up Comedy Events,…Read More

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  • Let Me Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is Comedian LaeLae Marie Of PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣 🎙️ & On February 18th We About To Burn The House Down With All This Amazing Talent At Raggae Bar 🥳🦍🤣💪 So Come Through & Support Your Local Artist & Comedians Of San Antonio…Read More

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    Got Two Stand Up Comedy Events Coming February 18th & 25th !! Oh Yea Im Fixing To Be Really Really Out Here #PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast

  • I May Not Post Alot, But That Don’t Mean I Ain’t Working 🦍💯💪💨 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️🔥

  • First Stand Up Comedy Flyer I Am On & I Say I Couldn’t Be More Proud Of Myself 💯💪🥳 Come Check Me Out Feb.4th At The The Reggae Bar ‼️🔥 Doors Open At 9pm 🦍 Big Thank You & Appreciation To Michael DeRamus For Giving Me My First Opportunity To Make The World Laugh 😂🥰🙏🏼 So Come Check Ya Girl Out & Get Ready To Choke On Some Water 🌊😂😂😎…Read More

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️
    Laelae’s KissinPink #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥
    A LaeLae Marie Productions #LLC 🫡💜
    New Business Cards Are On The Way 🥳🥳

  • New Batch Of #KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥 Is Now On Deck & You Know I Got The Liquor For These Bad Girls As Well 🥃🥳 So Tap In & Get Your Orders Now Of Your Favorite Pink Strawberry Lemonade 😋🍓🍋, Delivery Is Available Of Course 👏‼️

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Intro Song & Video Is Complete Thanks To The One & Only Tyni Toon Kbs 🎶📽️🔥🦍 Definitely Means A lot To Me, Especially When’s Its ALL Love 💜💯🫡 Excited To Say There’s More To Come This Year 🫣🗣️ & I Can’t Wait To Interview More Entrepreneurs That Inspire Me To Do Better ‼️💪 Appreciate All The Ones Who Have &…Read More

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ My Dawg In The House, My Dawg In The House 🦍🔥 WHOOP 🫡 Bossed Up Tripp Johnson 💪 Going Down This Wednesday 11.30 On Facebook Live 🎥 So Don’t Forget To Tune Into Your Favorite Female Owned Comedy Podcast 💯 & Exclusively The Hottest On The Musix Flix Network As We Speak…Read More

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Is Sponsored For These Dope Events Coming Up 🦍🔥 I Just Want To Thank Jessica Jeanz Tha Mack & Bossed Up Tripp Johnson For Always Showing Love & Support And To Have Blessed Me With These Grateful Opportunities 🤞🙏💐 Also Don’t Forget To Like & Subscribe To My YouTube Channel As Well & Come Out To Show Our…Read More

  • My Business Cards Will Officially Be Available Today 😍🥰 Thank You Love Aurora Ramirez 💜🤞 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ A LaeLae Marie Productions LLC 🤑💪 My Laelae’s KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥

  • I Told Y’all This Wasn’t A Game & I Do This For Fun But It’s Also My Business I’m Building 🦍💯 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 😂🎙️
    A LaeLae Marie Productions LLC 🫡 Your Favorite Female Owned Podcast 😎💨
    It Cost To Be The Boss You Heard Me 🙏💪💸 You Can Now Book Me Here On Fb Or On Instagram…Read More

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