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  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ My Dawg In The House, My Dawg In The House 🦍🔥 WHOOP 🫡 Bossed Up Tripp Johnson 💪 Going Down This Wednesday 11.30 On Facebook Live 🎥 So Don’t Forget To Tune Into Your Favorite Female Owned Comedy Podcast 💯 & Exclusively The Hottest On The Musix Flix Network As We Speak…Read More

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Is Sponsored For These Dope Events Coming Up 🦍🔥 I Just Want To Thank Jessica Jeanz Tha Mack & Bossed Up Tripp Johnson For Always Showing Love & Support And To Have Blessed Me With These Grateful Opportunities 🤞🙏💐 Also Don’t Forget To Like & Subscribe To My YouTube Channel As Well & Come Out To Show Our…Read More

  • My Business Cards Will Officially Be Available Today 😍🥰 Thank You Love Aurora Ramirez 💜🤞 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ A LaeLae Marie Productions LLC 🤑💪 My Laelae’s KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥

  • I Told Y’all This Wasn’t A Game & I Do This For Fun But It’s Also My Business I’m Building 🦍💯 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 😂🎙️
    A LaeLae Marie Productions LLC 🫡 Your Favorite Female Owned Podcast 😎💨
    It Cost To Be The Boss You Heard Me 🙏💪💸 You Can Now Book Me Here On Fb Or On Instagram…Read More

  • PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast Will Be In The Building Dec. 9th Veriede Lux . Interviewing Some Of San Antonio’s Hottest Artist For The S.O.T SA Edition Second Showcase 🤣🎙️🦍🎶🙏💯 Can’t Wait To See What Great Artist Attend This Show & This Will Be An Episode On My Podcast 🥰🥳🫡🎥 Definitely Appreciate Jessica Jeanz For Having Me For This Dope…Read More

  • Y’all Don’t Forget To Turn Up This Friday 11.04 With Us At Veriede Lux. Gotta Dope Show & Birthday Bash Going Down & It’s Going To Be Super Lit 🔥🎶🎙️🦍 Show Starts At 10 & It’s A 10$ Cover 💪 By The Way This Show Is Sponsored By My #KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥. The Best Pink Strawberry Lemonade 🍓🍋 In The City Will Be In The Building As Well 💯💜,…Read More

  • SPONSOR Spotlight ‼️ I want to take the time to shoutout 🗣 PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn podcast one of our many sponsors for adult Prom. If you are looking for a new podcast to keep up with this one is it. They discuss everything from relationships to financial literacy to political conversations. But they funny to! You guys should really check out a e…Read More

  • Climbing Up These Charts I See 😎💯🦍💜💰

  • This New Jeezy & DJ Drama Album 🔥🔥🦍💨

  • Just Want To Give A Big S/O To Steve Anthony Monreal TL & Versoo Versoo 🦍🫡💯 This Episode Of PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️ Has The Most Facebook Views This Far At 236 Views And Counting ✍️🔥 To Everyone Supporting & Rocking With Us We Definitely Appreciate You…Read More

  • #Rare #Breed #Natural #RedHead #NotDyed #All #Me 🥰🦍💋🔥💨💜✍️ PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️

  • Sooooo … Who Trying To Throw Pumpkins At They Ex’s With Me 🤣🥴🎃🏌🏽‍♀️

  • I’ll Mute My TV And Stop Breathing To Hear My Neighbors Fight 🤣💀🥴

  • This Saturday Is Going Down Live In The Bone Zone With My Big Brother Of We Are On Podcast Steve Anthony Monreal TL At 5pm With PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🤣🎙️🦍 Got Some Really Good Subjects That We Are Going To Speak On & Of Course Some Hilarious Laughs 😂😎 So Don’t Forget To Tune In & Check Us Out & WE ARE ON SAN ANTONIO…Read More

  • Me & One Of My Favorite OGs Roccwell Lama Squad Artists 🦍🦍🦍🫡💜

  • Aintthat Bae & Myself 🥳🔥🥰💜 #GorillaGirls 🦍👑 #GorillaDranks 🦍🔥 #KissinPink 😘💋💰
    The Turn Up Was REAL 💪🎶‼️

  • Don’t Forget To Tune In To Dom’n’Nation Podcast @7pm Tonight With My Good Friend Dominic Worch & Me As The Special Guest 🥳🦍🤣💯

  • Make Sure Y’all Go Like & Subscribe My YouTube Channel PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn Comedy Podcast 🎙️😂💪. Also Don’t Forget Episode 003 With Paul Hightower Aka “Highstrung” Will Be Live This Wednesday 09/14, You Don’t Want To Miss It 💯‼️🎥

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  • Catch Me Live & Direct This Thursday On The @Dom’nNation Podcast @7pm With My Good Friend Dominic Worch 🔥😎 Definitely Going To Be Fun 🦍🤣

  • New Batch Of My #KissinPink 😘💋 #GorillaDrank 🦍🔥 Pink Strawberry Lemonade 🍋🍓 Will Be In Stock This Thursday ‼️🥰 So Get With Me & Get Your Pre•Orders In Now Of This Fine Delicious & Always Cold Juice 😋🥤

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