Kevin Durant and Doe Boy celebrate in Cleveland nightclub after Nets’ win over Cavs

After the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on December 23, 2021, Kevin Durant and rapper Doe Boy were spotted celebrating at a Cleveland nightclub. According to reports, the two were seen dancing and having a good time with friends, with Doe Boy even taking to social media to share photos and videos of the celebration.

Many people were surprised to see Durant and Doe Boy celebrating at a nightclub, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that the NBA has strict rules in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Some people have criticized the two for potentially flouting COVID-19 safety protocols, while others have praised them for their party spirit.

This is not the first time that Durant has faced criticism for his behavior off the court. The NBA star has a history of getting into confrontations and has faced backlash for his outspoken personality.

Overall, the celebration at the Cleveland nightclub has left many people talking and has sparked a debate on social media. While some people have praised Durant and Doe Boy for their party spirit, others have criticized them for potentially flouting COVID-19 safety protocols. It remains to be seen how the NBA will respond to the incident.

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