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3 Interesting Facts From Kendrick Lamar’s ‘New York Times Magazine’ Article

A New York Times Magazine cover story centers the friendship and collaboration between pgLang founders Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free. Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free are detailing their plans for record label and multimedia company pgLang. On Tuesday (December 27), The New York Times Magazine published a feature on the duo, with portions describing Lamar’s recent… Read more »

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Tyga – “Lifetime” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Tyga – “Lifetime” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Tyga reflects on his life with Lifetime single and video

Tyga reflects on his life with Lifetime single and video Honestly, Tyga is one of the most misunderstood and unappreciated artists out. Constantly, Tyga is hit with ridicule, despite having several good records under his belt. Within the past decade, Tyga has given “Rack City,” “Ayo,” and “Taste.”

Tyga on Friday shared an introspective new track, titled “Lifetime,” along with an accompanying music video, which sees the 32-year-old artist playing pool in a high-rise building while wearing an all-red adidas tracksuit.

“Gotta manifest, gotta be best friends/Gotta be movin’ P, gotta tap in,” he raps. “Baby, you deserve better and I’m not him/But I know when we happy, we be locked in/And it’s some shit I just comprehend/Maybe I deserve better and you not her.”

The visual bounces back and forth between shots of the “Make It Nasty” rapper on his phone and scenes of a mysterious love interest, who poses by a floor-to-ceiling window and lounges in a luxurious bed, before the video’s completion. “Reflection’ life in real time,” he raps in the track’s outro, before asking, “Can I be with one soul for a lifetime?”


“Lifetime” arrives just over a month after the release of Tyga’s latest Doja Cat collab, “Freaky Deaky.” In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 earlier this year, the rapper said that “Freaky Deaky” was released as the first single off an upcoming album that is “about 80 percent done” and will most likely drop “sometime early summer.”

Tyga has not yet revealed additional information about the aforementioned album, though “Lifetime” will likely appear on the tracklist.

Watch Tyga’s “Lifetime” music video on MusixFlix HERE 

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