Kevin Durant Hit With $25,000 Fine For Telling Fan To “Shut The F**k Up” [Video]

Kevin Durant Hit With $25,000 Fine For Telling Fan To “Shut The F**k Up” [Video]

Kevin Durant has been hit with a $25,000 fantastic after cursing at a fan at some stage in Wednesday’s game.

The Brooklyn Nets big name yelled “obscene language” at a heckler closer to the stop of the matchup towards the Dallas Mavericks. Towards the give up of the game, which noticed the Mavericks take domestic the victory, a fan close to the baseline yelled to Durant, “You bought to take this recreation over.” Durant shot back, “You bought to shut the f**k up and take a seat down.”

On Twitter, Durant shared a meme of a girl handing over a dollar, comedically confirming that the nice used to be imposed. 


The 33-year-old is no stranger to hefty penalties. Durant was once fined $50,000 in April 2021 following a back-and-forth on social media with actor Michael Rapaport. In December 2021, the NBA imposed any other $25,000 penalty for cursing at a fan. One month later, Durant used to be ordered to pay an extra $15,000 for the usage of profane language in an interview and failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as section of the evaluation process.

The NBA doesn’t like the idea of its biggest stars cursing at fans courtside.

However, if that fan starts something, should the NBA police how Kevin Durant (or any player) responds?

Of course the league thinks it should police everything. There was little question a fine going to come in when a fan with a camera phone recording — “Let’s see if I can get Durant to respond then I’ll post it, I will get so many likes!” — told Durant he needed to take over the game against the Mavericks Wednesday night. Durant responded by telling said fan to “shut the f*** up.” Here’s the video, but it’s NSFW due to the language.


The NBA Friday fined Durant $25,000 for “directing obscene language toward a fan.”

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Russia Extends Detention Of WNBA Player Brittney Griner To May

Russia Extends Detention Of WNBA Player Brittney Griner To May



Things aren’t looking great for Brittney Griner. According to ESPN, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player will remain in Russia for at least another two months. Reports by Russia’s state news agency TASS say Brittney will remain detained until May 19.

“The court granted the request of the investigation and extended the period of detention of the U.S. citizen Griner until May 19,” a Moscow court ruled, per TASS.

Brittney was reportedly arrested on February 17 after Russian authorities found vape cartridges in her luggage. The cartridges allegedly contained a cannabis-derived oil called hashish. Per ESPN, the maximum penalty for her offense is ten years in prison. 

The athlete has reportedly played professional basketball in Russia since 2015. For seven years, Brittney has touched courts in Russia during the WNBA’s off-season. As you may already know, playing overseas during off-season is not uncommon for American athletes. Professional athletes who double-dip use the off-season opportunity to not only stay in shape, but also earn more coins. Brittney has reportedly earned more than $1 million per season, while playing in Russia.

ESPN reports that Brittney was also one of a dozen WNBA players who played in Russia or Ukraine this past winter season. However, they’ve all left the region since Russia invaded the Ukraine days after Brittney’s arrest. She was detained while arriving in Russia from New York following a two-week league break in early February.

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