Was The Will Smith Slapping Of Chris Rock Real Or Staged?

Was The Will Smith Slapping Of Chris Rock Real Or Staged?

By now you saw Will Smith smack the fire out of Chris Rock unless. you were sleeping. This incident happened at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony. Last night, was a pretty cool show and had a plethora of diversity. We pretty much knew Will Smith was going to win, but we didn’t know there was a tremendous plot twist on his way to winning the best actor for his role in “King Richard.”

The 94th Academy Awards was turned into a circus when Chris Rock made an off-color joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairdo, which was closely cropped. She was all the way beautiful – straight up! Jada Pinkett Smith bald isn’t all that funny, but it’s even less funny because she suffers from alopecia. The G.I. Jane joke did not go over well to Will or Jada. Jada‘s face became noticeably furrowed when Rock made the joke. After the comment, Will Smith calmly walked on stage at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock before he could finish his bit.

The incident turn social media into a fire storm of confusion and commentary. Everybody was analyzing it, the Australian and Japanese uncensored version went into circulation, and people were trying to wrap their brains around an apparent act of violence at the esteemed Oscars award show. By the way, this was one of the most diverse outings for the Academy. So, Latinx and African-Americans were well represented.

And then this happened!

For all intent and purposes, it appears that the slap was real. Will Smith had a profanity-laden diatribe after doing the slap. He repeatedly said “keep my wife’s name out your f##kin’ mouth!” Over and over.  By the way, Lupita was the co-star. Her face had me cracking up!

Chris Rock, while remaining extremely professional, became disheveled and confused, and stumbled over his words as he started to ease back into the teleprompter. He managed to get through it, but it definitely did not seem like he expected to get slapped on stage.

And yet, the word “staged” was trending on Twitter. Many people asked the question, “Was the interaction between Chris Rock and Will Smith staged?“

I don’t know! I doubt it. However there are some things that suggest it was. This is what Will looked like at the time of the joke:

You can see Jada was not feeling it.

Then, Brooklyn’s own Chris Rock let a grown man walk up on him and he had both of his hands behind his back the entire time. Perhaps he thought Will was going to hug him, but I am not sure the energy would suggest that.

Thirdly, Will had an incredible speech after he won the best actor honor, and it created a moment that will will always talk about. Otherwise, the Oscars were just regular. Nope but regular.

I think we now have some thing that we’re going to talk about for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. That is what you call controlling tonight at the narrative!

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Now, I am just curious as to what will happen next. And that will REALLY determine whether or not is real or fake. If nothing happens, I’m going to think that it’s likely to be fake. If Chris Rock sues and goes forward in a legal manner, it’s definitely all real. If Will Smith pays any money, it’s all real. So now we just have to wait-and-see!

One thing is for sure, Will Smith did not apologize to Chris Rock from the stage. He apologized to the Academy and others but he did not apologize directly to Chris Rock. For those of us that have had some interactions with the law & legal, you never admit to anything. You never admit to a crime! An apology would be a form of guilt in my opinion. I am no lawyer, but that’s what I think.

Now, I want to know what you think! Do you think this whole thing was staged? And if not, what do you think about Will Smith slapping the absolute fire out of Chris Rock?

By the way, there’s some more smoke. Will had jokes for Will and Jada a few years back.

Will Chris Rock press charges on Will Smith?

Here are some memes.


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Tip Harris makes his BK debut the April Fools Comedy Jam with Nick Cannon, Eddie Griffin, HaHa Davis, B. Simone, Bruce Bruce and Rip Micheals.

T.I. will be proceeding as comedian Tip Harris in the yearly April Fools Comedy Jam one month from now with co-stars and individual funnies Nick Cannon, Eddie Griffin, HaHa Davis, B. Simone, Bruce Bruce and host Rip Micheals.

Micheals who likewise goes about as the show’s maker, said he can hardly wait to perceive how the amazing rapper fairs as a comic before a Brooklyn swarm.

“I booked T.I. on the Wild N Out visit to finish off the show as a musical visitor and I am really eager to be the first to carry him to New York to proceed as a joke artist,” he told AllHipHop. “I’ve been seeing the posts of his parody exhibitions in Atlanta and he did a good job at Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam in LA. I can hardly wait to see him perform inhabit Barclays Center… and you know the BK crowd don’t play.”

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