Jason Momoa Shaves His Hair Off As He Speaks On The Issues Of Single-Use Plastics

Actor Jason Momoa shaves his hair in new video as he asks his supporters to limit the use of single-use plastics.

Actor Jason Momoa is known for quite a few things. Some of those things are his movie roles, distinctive tattoos, and most commonly his hair. On Monday, he decided to make a change to his look, by shaving off his hair while relaying a certain message. In a video posted to his Instagram account, Jason […]

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Was The Will Smith Slapping Of Chris Rock Real Or Staged?

Was The Will Smith Slapping Of Chris Rock Real Or Staged?

By now you saw Will Smith smack the fire out of Chris Rock unless. you were sleeping. This incident happened at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony. Last night, was a pretty cool show and had a plethora of diversity. We pretty much knew Will Smith was going to win, but we didn’t know there was a tremendous plot twist on his way to winning the best actor for his role in “King Richard.”

The 94th Academy Awards was turned into a circus when Chris Rock made an off-color joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairdo, which was closely cropped. She was all the way beautiful – straight up! Jada Pinkett Smith bald isn’t all that funny, but it’s even less funny because she suffers from alopecia. The G.I. Jane joke did not go over well to Will or Jada. Jada‘s face became noticeably furrowed when Rock made the joke. After the comment, Will Smith calmly walked on stage at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock before he could finish his bit.

The incident turn social media into a fire storm of confusion and commentary. Everybody was analyzing it, the Australian and Japanese uncensored version went into circulation, and people were trying to wrap their brains around an apparent act of violence at the esteemed Oscars award show. By the way, this was one of the most diverse outings for the Academy. So, Latinx and African-Americans were well represented.

And then this happened!

For all intent and purposes, it appears that the slap was real. Will Smith had a profanity-laden diatribe after doing the slap. He repeatedly said “keep my wife’s name out your f##kin’ mouth!” Over and over.  By the way, Lupita was the co-star. Her face had me cracking up!

Chris Rock, while remaining extremely professional, became disheveled and confused, and stumbled over his words as he started to ease back into the teleprompter. He managed to get through it, but it definitely did not seem like he expected to get slapped on stage.

And yet, the word “staged” was trending on Twitter. Many people asked the question, “Was the interaction between Chris Rock and Will Smith staged?“

I don’t know! I doubt it. However there are some things that suggest it was. This is what Will looked like at the time of the joke:

You can see Jada was not feeling it.

Then, Brooklyn’s own Chris Rock let a grown man walk up on him and he had both of his hands behind his back the entire time. Perhaps he thought Will was going to hug him, but I am not sure the energy would suggest that.

Thirdly, Will had an incredible speech after he won the best actor honor, and it created a moment that will will always talk about. Otherwise, the Oscars were just regular. Nope but regular.

I think we now have some thing that we’re going to talk about for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. That is what you call controlling tonight at the narrative!

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Now, I am just curious as to what will happen next. And that will REALLY determine whether or not is real or fake. If nothing happens, I’m going to think that it’s likely to be fake. If Chris Rock sues and goes forward in a legal manner, it’s definitely all real. If Will Smith pays any money, it’s all real. So now we just have to wait-and-see!

One thing is for sure, Will Smith did not apologize to Chris Rock from the stage. He apologized to the Academy and others but he did not apologize directly to Chris Rock. For those of us that have had some interactions with the law & legal, you never admit to anything. You never admit to a crime! An apology would be a form of guilt in my opinion. I am no lawyer, but that’s what I think.

Now, I want to know what you think! Do you think this whole thing was staged? And if not, what do you think about Will Smith slapping the absolute fire out of Chris Rock?

By the way, there’s some more smoke. Will had jokes for Will and Jada a few years back.

Will Chris Rock press charges on Will Smith?

Here are some memes.


Trending Entertainment News Today: Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s dance sequence leaked; Jhund producer questions The Kashmir Files’ tax-free status and more

Trending Entertainment News Today: Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s dance sequence leaked; Jhund producer questions The Kashmir Files’ tax-free status and more

Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Anushka Sharma and others are amongst the pinnacle amusement newsmakers of today. If you have had a busy day and favor to be aware of what occurred in the world of entertainment, you are at the proper place. Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s dance sequence leaked, Jhund producer questions The Kashmir Files’ tax-free status, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have fun Holi and different such memories are a section of our trending enjoyment news. So examine on to understand greater about our trending newsmakers of the day.

Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s dance sequence leaked

Ranbir Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in Luv Ranjan’s next. A video of them dancing on a song has been leaked.


Jhund producer questions The Kashmir Files’ tax-free status

Amitabh Bachchan starrer Jhund was released on March 4. Now, the producer of the film has questioned on what basis has The Kashmir Files been declared tax-free.

Read the full story here: Jhund producer questions The Kashmir Files’ tax-free status

Anushka Sharma leaves her production house

Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Ssharma had started Clean Slate Filmz. The actress has now decided to leave it.

Read the full story here: Anushka Sharma leaves her production house

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrate Holi

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrates Holi in Los Angeles. Priyanka shared some pics on social media.

Read the full story here: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrate Holi

Torbaaz director Girish Malik’s son dies on Holi

Sanjay Dutt was seen in Torbaaz which was directed by Girish Malik. The filmmaker’s son passed away on Holi after he fell fall from his fifth floor apartment.


Norman Reedus Speaks Out After Suffering Concussion on Walking Dead Set

Norman Reedus Speaks Out After Suffering Concussion on Walking Dead Set

Norman ReedusUPDATE: Norman Reedus posted on Instagram on Friday, March 18, “Thank u for the first-class ideas it is been a week. or two.

I was in an accident. but getting better getting cleared and gonna be back at work Tuesday they tell me And sorry bout Atlanta event I was looking forward to it.”

Norman Reedus Recovering After Suffering Concussion on Walking Dead Set

The star also thanked his fans for their condolences over the recent death of his beloved cat Eye in the Dark. His son Mingus Reedus had announced the passing of the family’s pet on his Instagram Story earlier this month.

“Most of all thank you for the eye in the dark messages,” the Walking Dead actor wrote. “I really loved that little cat.”

Norman Reedus is on the mend.

E! News can confirm Reedus was injured while on the Walking Dead set. “Norman suffered a concussion on set,” an AMC spokesperson said in a statement. “He is recovering well and will return to work soon. Thank you to everyone for their concern.”

Killer Secrets About The Walking Dead

The star was due to take part in the Fandemic Tour but postponed his appearance to get some much-needed rest. “We are sending all of our thoughts and positive energy to Norman Reedus,” the organizers announced on Instagram March 16. “Everyone in our amazing community knows how much he loves his fans, and he wants you to know how terrible he feels about the situation. However, we all want him to do what is best for his health. Let’s send him all of our well-wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.”

Reedus is set to star opposite Melissa McBride in the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff tentatively titled Daryl & Carol, which is reportedly set to premiere later this year.

Though not much has been revealed about the new show, Reedus previously told IMDb it will be “completely different” from the Walking Dead and other episodes that centered on Daryl and Carol.

And in a previous media release, Reedus shared that he couldn’t wait to see what the future holds. “Daryl’s relationship with Carol has always been my favorite relationship on the show (sorry Rick),” he shared. “I love the way these characters interact and relate to each other on so many levels and can’t wait to see where their ride goes from here.”

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

© Provided by E! NewsAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The spinoff also indicated that Daryl and Carol were safe from the zombies and other foes, but the fate of other stars wasn’t so clear. “I think they should always be worried about their favorites,” McBride said with a laugh to E! News in August. “Even I’m worried about them.”

However, fans now know that Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s Maggie and Negan are going to make it out of the 11th and final season alive. They will go on to star in their own show, currently titled Isle of the Dead.


© Provided by E! NewsAMC

Morgan, who plays Negan, teased the series in a statement, saying, “I’m beyond excited to continue his journey in New York City with Lauren. Walkers in an urban setting has always been such a cool image, but 5th Avenue, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty? The greatest city in the world? The backdrop is amazing, but it’s the story that Eli Jorné cooked up that is even better. Buckle up folks, Isle of the Dead is going to reinvent the TWD Universe.”

Inside The Lost Daughter’s Pivotal Confession Scene

Inside The Lost Daughter’s Pivotal Confession Scene

What is Leda (Olivia Colman) hiding in The Lost Daughter? What is it about her past dela that is haunting her as she vacations in Greece? In this pivotal confession from Leda to Nina (Dakota Johnson), the young mother who’s become Leda’s obsession, the central piece of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s cinematic puzzle clicks into place.

Based on Elena Ferrante’s novel, The Lost Daughter (Netflix) honors the thematic core of its source material while charting its own path in crucial ways. Gyllenhaal, making her feature writing and directing debut, rigorously twists this story of maternal ambivalence into her own creation. This scene’s reveal—that Leda abandoned her young children for years, initially to pursue an affair—arrives much earlier in the book, more as dramatic setup. Gyllenhaal realized that to preserve the tension of her film, she needed to hold it as long as possible. “It really threw my entire script into shambles,” she says of the shift. “But out of that cracking it up came the space where I started to come through.”

Filmed in intimate, moving close-ups with the actors, the sequence is at once agonizing and heartbreaking. Gyllenhaal, Oscar-nominated for her script, walked us through executing it on the fly—both on the page and for the screen.


Filming in a crowded flea market offered Gyllenhaal and DP Hélène Louvart an authentic way of staging a suddenly, intensely intimate conversation. Says Louvart, “[You’re] walking, stopping, walking, stopping—it was a way to trap her.”



A prop mishap involving the pin that Leda fastens on Nina’s hat required adjusting the scene as originally envisioned due to budget constraints. “We had no time, and we lost a whole lot in the morning,” Gyllenhaal says. “This scene did not really come to life until we shifted it and cut it quite a lot in the editing room.”



An earlier scene in the film, when Leda becomes dizzy in a toy store, is tellingly referenced here by Gyllenhaal: “In the book, this reveal happens in the toy store. I loved that you know that she’s left her kids from her, and then you have to live with her for more than half of the book. That’s originally how I structured the script.”

Writer-director Maggie Gyllenhaal breaks down the moment in which Olivia Colman’s Leda finally reveals a long-held truth—and the screenplay diverges significantly from the Elena Ferrante novel it’s based on.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Join Marvel Cinematic Universe in This Hilarious Spider-Man Parody

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Join Marvel Cinematic Universe in This Hilarious Spider-Man Parody

Ryan Seacrest Tom, Andrew, Tobey and… Ryan?

Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to taking on new jobs, but Spider-Man?

In this exclusive sneak peek at Live with Kelly and Ryan’s After Oscar Show, the multi-hyphenate host steps in into the Spidey suit, and he’s already taking ownership of the role!

While hanging upside down in a scene with Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, he introduces himself as ‘Ryan Seacrest here, your fourth friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.’ Following in the footsteps of ,  and.

He already understands the assignment.

When a crew member refers to the Spider-Man mask as the ‘head,’ Seacrest confirms, ‘We refer to it, in the Spider universe, as the head, not the hat. Tobey and Andrew would not be happy.’

Not to be outdone, co-host makes an appearance to confront Doctor Strange, played by.

‘Keep it classy, Doctor Strange,’ she says. ‘It’s the f–king Oscars.’

Finally, somebody standing up for the history and importance of the Academy Awards! We see you, Kelly.

Tom, Andrew, Tobey and…Ryan? is no stranger to taking on new jobs, but ? In this exclusive sneak peek at Live with Kelly and Ryan’s After Oscar Show, the multi-hyphenate host steps in into the Spidey suit, and he’s already taking ownership of the role! While hanging upside down in a scene with Alfred Molina’s…

Lauren Conrad Shares How She Learned the Value in Saying No

Lauren Conrad Shares How She Learned the Value in Saying No

Tales From the Top, Lauren ConradWith all due respect to Natasha Bedingfield and her earworm of a song, little of Lauren Conrad‘s future has ever been unwritten.

In fact, we’d argue the ending has been quite planned since the consummate California girl was about 8 years old. Because that was when the future fashion and lifestyle guru first floated the idea of creating clothes when she grew up.

“I happen to know because my parents nicely documented it,” the Lauren Conrad Co. founder told E! News in an exclusive interview. “Since the third grade, I’ve been telling everyone that I wanted to be a fashion designer. And I’m not quite sure what that came from, it was just what I decided I wanted to be.”

And that’s where her book began.

“The earliest memory I have is just making clothes for Barbie dolls,” she recalled. So when MTV came calling her senior year of high school—entranced by the idea of turning her friendship with Stephen Colletti into Laguna Beach‘s ultimate love triangle—dad Jim urged her to dive in.

“I remember him telling me that it would be a good opportunity just to meet some people knowing that entertainment and fashion are very much entwined,” she recalled of her father’s foresight. “So that seed was planted early on. It was my main motivation for doing the show.”

By the time she graduated from her Laguna spinoff The Hills in 2009—while studying at L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising—her dreams were so close she could almost taste them.

With her “very first line,” 2008’s short-lived Lauren Conrad Collection, “I jumped into it—and I actually would call that research because I was learning the whole time,” she reflected. “I was taking it all in and figuring things out as I went. Obviously made a lot of mistakes on my first round, but learned a lot of valuable lessons that I’m able to apply still today.”

Takeaway No. 1: The importance of finding the right partner.

Just a year later, Conrad teamed with midwest-based retailer Kohl’s (“They’ve been an amazing partner over the years”) to launch LC Lauren Conrad—the still-thriving brand having since expanded into children’s clothing (Little Co. by Lauren Conrad), accessories and home decor.

From there, the mom to 4-year-old Liam and 2-year-old Charlie (with husband William Tell) has filled every last blank page before her, branching into publishing (with books on fashion, beauty and entertaining in addition to her YA series), lifestyle (helming her namesake site, retail (with her nonprofit fair trade shop The Little Market) and, most recently, beauty with her eponymous 2020 release.

Now, with her well-manicured fingers in so many areas of lifestyle, “It’s a good place to stand still,” Conrad reflected. “The brand is doing really well and I want the focus to continue in the direction that we’re going.”

But, in her chat with E! News, she took a peak into the rearview to appreciate where she’s been.

Lauren Conrad, LC Runway Collection
Melissa Hebeler 

E! News: How were you hustling before MTV came around?

Lauren Conrad: I’ve had a job since I was, like, 12, which I’m not sure is completely legal. In Laguna, I worked at the Sawdust Festival, which is essentially a bunch of booths set up by local artists. And then I worked at Pageant of the Masters, which is also a funny Laguna thing where people cover themselves in paint and plaster and basically replicate famous pieces of art. And then I worked at a surf shop.

E-Comm: Lauren Conrad's Amazon Handmade Mother's Day Guide
Amazon Handmade

E!: On The Hills, you got your first taste in fashion as a Teen Vogue intern. What did you learn from that?

LC: Being able to see the process and the relationship between publications and fashion designers was really helpful. I also interned in a showroom for awhile and when I was in high school, I used to model at trade shows. As many areas as you can expose yourself to, I think it was really helpful in my understanding how it all came together.

E!: How nervous were you about being taken seriously when you made the leap from reality star to designer?

LC: Taking the step from reality television to developing a line was not as common back then. So there were more challenges. Nowadays it’s actually unusual if someone doesn’t try to do something. I remember my first meeting with my agent, I said, “I want to be a clothing designer.” And he was like, “Do you want to try acting?”

My first line, it was basically me and a co-designer and I was doing it all: Sourcing fabrics, in every meeting, in every fitting. I was the fit model. Starting out I had to do everything for myself and prove that I could create a line that would sell.

Lauren Conrad, Jordana Brewster, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lindsay Price, Hannah Skvarla
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

E!: You’ve now hit all the major areas of lifestyle. Was this the grand plan, or did each move build off the one the last?

LC: The latter. This was a brand that was built very slowly. I tried to be very thoughtful with each step that I took. I wouldn’t enter a category unless I felt like it made sense and that it felt organic. I said no to a lot of things, which was hard in the beginning. But I think it’s important to stick with what you know, what you’re interested in, what you’re passionate about, because if you care, you’re just going to end up with a better product.

E-Comm: Lauren Conrad Kohl's Mommy and Me, Little & Co.

E!: How are you able to oversee it all?

LC: I’ve learned to delegate. I didn’t used to do that so much and I’m also very involved to the point where I definitely annoy my teams. But I think once I became a mother, I learned the importance of delegating because you just can’t do everything. So if you surround yourself with people that you trust and get it, you’re able to responsibly continue to grow.

E!: What made you want to add The Little Market into the mix?

LC: One of my very best friends, Hannah Skvarla, had become a travel buddy of mine. She worked with Human Rights Watch for years and so she exposed me to a lot of human rights’ issues. I felt like I had been given a platform and I had used it to grow my career, but I felt like there was something more meaningful I could do. So we came up with the concept for The Little Market.

E!: And you wanted this to be more than just philanthropy—you wanted to be create opportunity.

LC: I feel like you’re going to find the most success when you’re filling a white space. And for me, I really liked purchasing artisan handmade goods, things that felt unique, things that I knew were also supporting an artisan somewhere. But I was having a difficult time finding items that I really liked. So the thing that we wanted to set us apart was our selection. We wanted to create a marketplace for people who wanted to make their purchases meaningful, but they didn’t want to sacrifice style or taste. So we wanted to find items we would want in our own homes.

E!: You’ve spent more than a decade building this brand. What is a piece of career advice you’ve received that stuck with you?

LC: There’s a lot of value in saying no to opportunities that don’t make sense for you. If your goal is to create a brand, it has to make sense, it has to tell a story. And it has to be somewhat consistent. So, being very thoughtful with your choices and the opportunities that you do take on is really important. It’s also being careful with who you partner with. You want to make sure that you’re being heard, you’re not just putting your name on something. You want to feel good about what you create.

E!: What gets a no from you?

LC: My agency brings me everything, so I say no on a weekly basis. And, honestly, at this moment, it has to be something so exciting to me just because I’ve learned to recognize when my plate is full and that it’s not productive to keep piling on. So in order for me to have a good balance and not be too stressed out and have enough time to be with my family, I only take opportunities now that I’m really excited about.

Lauren Conrad, Holiday Card 2021
valoriedarling/ Valorie Darling

E!: I have to imagine if our team brings you everything…

LC: There’s some weird stuff in there, yeah. There’s a lot of emails that say, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

E!: What advice would you give someone looking to become a designer or even an entrepreneur?

LC: Try and do things your own way, but make your decisions informed ones. Meaning, just because someone hasn’t done something a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t. And if you’re trying to replicate something that’s already out there, you’re not really filling any white space. You’re just creating more noise. You want to do things that will stand out, that will feel different, that are innovative. Doing your homework is important. Talk to as many people as possible. At least in the community I’m in, people are excited to share advice and help you out in the beginning.

Lauren Conrad and William Tell: Romance Rewind

E!: If you could go back and tell high school LC something, what would it be?

LC: I would tell my teenage self to be kinder to myself. I think most women need to hear that. I randomly last night came across an image of myself, maybe I was 19. And I’m in bathing suit, but, like, trying to cover up. And I remember just thinking, “That’s so wild. I looked great and I was so self-conscious. I wish I looked like that now!” I needed a pep talk.

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