Brandi Maxiell reveals cancer scare (FULL VIDEO) #BasketballWives [VIDEO]

Brandi Maxiell reveals cancer scare (FULL VIDEO) #BasketballWives [VIDEO]
Brandi Maxiell shares her cancer scare on Basketball Wives Brandi Maxiell has been the source of controversy, on “Basketball Wives,” this season. However, it turns out, there might be a reason for Brandi acting out. Thus far, Brandi has spent the season beefing with her former best friend, Malaysia Pargo. As a result, Brandi and […]

Brandi Maxiell, aka the sassy diva on VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives LA,’ is no stranger to onscreen drama but in a recent health scare, things got very real. In a Doctors exclusive, she came to us for some answers.

9 years ago Brandi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was young, went straight into surgery and thought for sure she was not going to survive this ordeal. Post surgery she was left with just a little bit of her left ovary, which was just enough to give her the chance to have a child one day.


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