At 50 Cents Tycoon Party, Houston Rapper Trae The Truth & Goons Jump Rival Rapper Zro

It’s a Sad Day Houston!!!

Footage Shows Z-Ro on The Pavement After Allegedly Getting Jumped by Trae’s Entourage

The Houston hip hop scene is going crazy, after rumors of beef between two of the city’s most legendary artists Trae The Truth and Zro.

The drama popped off at a hip hop event on Sunday, when Trae The Truth and his homies, which include rapper Jay’Ton ran into Zro

Now some history, supplied by Media Take Out. Trae and Z-Ro are blood cousins, and used to be very close. In fact, the two were in a group – called the original A**holes by Nature. But something happened between the two hip hop artists, and they ended up, “hating each other.”

Recently, the two started dissing each other in songs. Listen:

Z-RO & Trae the truth dissing each other on songs ( Z-Ro and Trae tha Truth beef )

Well this weekend, the two ran into each other – and it popped off. Trae and his group ran down on Zro, and beat him senseless. According to reports, during the melee, one of Trae’s people allegedly snatched Zro’s chain.

But the two forty-somethings, who are said to be blood cousins, fell out over the years.

Things must have gotten pretty bad between the cousins because Trae and goons jumped and beat Z-Ro during 50 Cent’s tycoon weekend in Houston.

The incident was broken up by police, but no one was taken into custody, Media Take Out confirmed. And unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) the fight was caught on tape.


Z-Ro Vs Trae The Truth (Full Fight Video)‼️🤯 #houston #traethetruth #zro #tmz #fight #box #insta

Trae The Truth is a rapper and record executive from Houston, Texas. Embarking on a musical career in 1998, he soon established himself as a prominent member of the Texas hip hop scene with his solo debut, Losing Composure (2003). Same Thing Different Day (2004) and Restless (2006) followed up, the latter of which was his debut on Rap-a-Lot Records.

Zro is a rapper from Houston, Texas. He was named one of America’s most underrated rappers by The New York Times in 2007.




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